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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Online

Institute of Management, Business and Law

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DBA program is the top level of education in the sphere of management.


The target candidates for the program. DBA program (Doctor of Business Administration) is aimed at top managers and entrepreneurs.


The aim of the DBA program


To provide top managers and business owners who are able to generate and implement their ideas and management decisions in practice for the perspective development of an enterprise and economy as a whole with the advanced training.



The duration of studies: 3 years.


The process of education. Popular methods are introduced in the process of education – such as case-studies, role plays and tests. The trainees are provided with the essential methodological literature prepared by teachers involved in the educational process.




THE FIRST STAGE – lectures, workshops and consultations held in the International Business School.



  • Enterprise management: evolution and conceptions
  • Strategic management
  • Project management



  • Global economy
  • International financing
  • World logistics and supply chain management
  • Political economy




  • Organizational behavior
  • Development of corporate culture and motivational systems
  • HR management
  • Organizational psychology
  • Professional standards and ethic norms




  • Business research methodology and quantitative statistics
  • Statistics for business research


THE SECOND STAGE is the stage of individual work that implies the study of special literature and reviews. This activity is executed by DBA candidates between modules guided by professors at the beginning of each module.


THE THIRD STAGE is writing the thesis




Thesis is considered to be a complete analysis of general and functional management matters based on modern management models and concepts alongside with business practice



Documents granted:

  • The diploma “Doctor of Business Administration”.
  • The diploma of professional advanced training on speciality “Management”.


Terms of the enrolment:

 Professional education:

  • higher education (specialist, master) + advanced training in the business management in the amount of not less than 100 hours (including international certificates)


  • higher financial-economic education (specialist, master)


 Work experience in top management not less than 7 years


The following factors are preferable:

  • MBA или EMBA degrees (including Russian and foreign business schools)
  • PhD degree
  • Publications in mass media, reports on conferences, summits and etc.


Entrance examinations

  • Essay (motivational letter) with the elements of business management paradigm (up to 2 pages on the suggested topics)
  • Entrance interview with the Head of the program.


III. A list of necessary documents

1) Application

2) CV

3) Questionnaire

4) Diplomas of higher education

5) A copy of employment record certified by the human resources department

6) A copy of passport

7) 4 photographs in colour on the white background3*4

8) Agreement for education services.