PhD (Philosophies Doctor) - is the degree for which it is necessary to conduct independent research in a particular field of science. The study should have a serious scientific contribution and be drawn up in the form of a complete scientific work or thesis. After the completion of the thesis, the candidate must defend his scientific work at the meeting of the evaluation commission received a diploma PhD.


Sector of International Educational Programs operates in the following fields: 


After receiving his degree PhD IMBL, you are able to:


- Continue to pursue further education in Europe;

- Get a job opportunity abroad;

- Apply for a job in Russia with significant career advantages;

- Get in-depth knowledge of foreign languages, which will open up opportunities for cooperation with foreign partners


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Today Southern University as part of the PhD program cooperates with the following educational institutions:



More information is available at the Department of international educational programs by number

7 (863) 292-43-80 (extension 118) or send an e-mail:


Contact person: Guseynova Gulyar