Executive MBA

Program Description:IMBL and International School of Business CESTE (Zaragoza, Spain) implement joint MBA educational programs and propose you to increase knowledge of managerial skills and find new ways of solving business problems. The main advantage of our MBA programs that differs them from the rest presented in the South of Russia that our education is practice-oriented. We provide our students the up-to-date approaches and skills that could help them to solve everyday business problems.Our faculty is formed by top managers of leading companies of our region. They are ready to provide students not only fundamental knowledge but also share their own experience and prevent from many risk situations. Our Executive MBA program is patronated by the Chairman of the South-West Bank of Sberbank of Russia, Viktor Ventimilla Alonso. The other important advantage is that participation in our program could help you to extend the number of business friends, share your own experience, and find new business partners.

Main Terms:• 800 academic hours;• 120 ECTS credits;• Accredited MBA Diploma issued by International Business School CESTE (Spain);• Evening classes;• Modular education (3-4 weeks study periods with 2-moths frequency intervals);Requirements:• Bachelor’s degree diploma;• Management experience;• Intermediate knowledge of English;• Ability to think productively;

Curriculum Description:• Theoretical and practical knowledge and skills of management;• Fundamental and modern approaches of task settings and decision making;• Marketing and sales techniques;• Marketing researches, branding strategies, advertising campaigns;• Internet marketing and e-commerce;• Finance management, budgeting and IPO;• Commercial, labour, fiscal law and other legal aspects of organization;• Economics, psychological, technical and information of business administration;• Lots of trainings to improve personal properties of every student including Team building ,Fruitful thinking, Time management, Personal risk management, Leadership, Cross-cultural management and negotiations, Conflict management and etc.The Executive MBA program ends with online presentation of final project and graduation party in Spain graduation projectMore Information:7 (863) 292-4386 (ext. 145); 7 (928) 612-3200iec@iubip.ru