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12 Advantages of IMBL

1. Government has no doubt in quality of our education!
Since 2012 state and private institutions of higher education of Russia have got finally equalized in their rights – now talented pupils could win governmental grants and study in IMBL for free. This means that according to the law private institutions of higher education are not worse than the state ones.

2. Free of charge education!
Even if you don’t win governmental grant you can still apply for free of charge education. You just need to leave school with excellent marks and enter IMBL. Bright students do not pay for the first semester. If they show excellent results they do not pay for the next one – and so no till the end of their education.

3. Only successful could teach you how to get successful.
Our institute was founded more than 20 years ago! IMBL was the first private institution of higher education in Russian Federation. We never got a penny from the government but we still have got developed! So we could conclude that IMBL is an economically effective project.

4. We have established a good reputation!
IMBL was the first institute in the Southern Region of Russia who has got the first live-long state license to conduct its educational services. In 2011 we have got accredited by our government for the next 5 years. IMBL has its representatives in Rostov Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Education and Science and State Duma of Russia. We consistently get first places in various educational rankings.

5. The size matters!
Thousands of students do not mean good quality. Harvard University had taught just 6 700 students at 11 separate educational departments in 2010. And the most of leading institutions of higher education have the same strategy. Education of good quality is not mass one – it is elite. We admit just enough students to graduate only qualified specialists.

6. Individual approach is the best educational technology!
The optimal number of students allows us to take individual approach to each one. We are sure, that all people are talented. It is quite important to create special environment to improve them. IMBL provides eventful student’s live to make education attractive.

7. Our tutors are highly skilled specialists!
More than 60% our tutors have academic degrees. IMBL employs 20 PhDs and professors. Our tutors are not only good specialists in their subjects. They are scientifically active, participating in the most pressing educational researches.

8. We are not trying to catch up with someone – we just go ahead!
The most successful model the modern education – is to generate new knowledge and embody it. The Research Centre of IMBL – a factory of new managerial skills that could serve either enterprises or whole business areas. And now such technologies are already being implemented into practice.

9. We focus our education on real practice!
Our graduates should be ready to start business activity immediately, without long periods of training in companies. The Business Centre of IMBL provides students chance to undergo training and get real work experience as well as creating their own business.

10. Our graduates meet the demand of the labour market!
According to our annual researches more than 90% of our graduates find jobs in the chosen professions. Many of our students have found job during their education. IMBL established employment agency that is actively helping students to find jobs.

11. We offer additional opportunity!
Our students have many other educational opportunities as well as going on number of trainings, getting the second higher education, attending language courses or joining one of international programs implemented with our European or USA partners.

12. Our institute provides comfortable and modern corporate culture for effective education!
As you know “seeing is believing”, so we invite you to visit IMBL. We will show you our classrooms, library, and computer centre. You will be able to talk with our students and teachers. IMBL provides comfortable and even domestic atmosphere to help students make their best in researches and professional development.